Postgraduate education – School Google Workspace for Education

Realistic education

The advanced course is aimed at anyone who already uses the basic tools of Google Workspace for Education in their daily work. After the training, participants are ready to broaden their use of Google Workspace for Education in the classroom. We teach the basics of Google Meet, Keep, Sites, Forms and Classrooms. The content can also be tailored to your needs. The course participants should have taken, or have knowledge equivalent to, our basic course.

A broader and more varied work in the classroom

The tools from the basic education are a step towards a more varied classroom everyday life, but there is so much more to do! Experienced educators guide the participants to understand how the remaining tools in Google Workspace for Education in a good way increase the opportunities for communication, formative assessment and efficiency, but above all how the tools are connected. How can Keep support the essay process? How does Google Classroom work and how do you use forms as a tool in that environment? Those questions, and many others, are answered in a very qualitative half-day.

With us or with you?

We carry out our training on site in your premises. It is also possible to use our own training facilities with us. All training takes place online in Google Workspace for Education and course participants use their own computers. The course material is posted as a Google document and is thus available to the participants via their Google accounts even after completing the training. The training is 4 hours long and is suitable for a group of a maximum of 20 people.

Includes the basics of:

  • Google Meet
  • Keep
  • Sites
  • Form
  • Classroom

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