Protect your business from ransomware with Chrome OS

Crimes involving extortion viruses have increased sharply in connection with the global transition to hybrid work and remote work. Blackmail virus encrypts data and makes it inaccessible to users, which poses costly threats to organizations in all industries.

Chrome OS is a cloud first platform that provides protection against blackmail viruses by default. In fact, no blackmail virus attacks have ever been reported for Chrome OS devices, either from businesses, education, or individuals.

Chrome OS has integrated proactive security features that combat blackmail viruses

Data and files are automatically backed up in the cloud and can be restored: Chrome OS is a cloud first platform, which significantly limits the amount of data stored on the device and susceptible to blackmail viruses. All user data is backed up in the cloud. Should blackmail virus circumvent Chrome OS security measures, your user information and files can be easily restored almost immediately.

Executable files blocked: Executable files, which may contain blackmail viruses, cannot be run in Chrome OS. Chrome OS only works with selected malware from Google that has been crawled for malware.

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Read-only operating system

System files are located in a separate partition to ensure that the operating system can not be modified by apps or executable files and is therefore inaccessible to blackmail viruses.

Google Secure Web Search

Google Safe Browsing proactively warns when users are navigating to dangerous websites or before downloading dangerous files.

Automatic updates

Chrome OS updates regularly and automatically in the background, providing continuous protection against threats.

Verified startup

If an attack occurs, verified startup confirms that the operating system has not been compromised, and if this should happen, the operating system is restored to an earlier version.