Reduce administration time by 58%

Over a 3-year period, a Chromebook takes 58% less time to manage, and when deploying and deploying a Chromebook for the first time, it’s 76% faster compared to PC devices. As the school’s system administrator, you can configure new devices, users, passwords, network settings and manage school-wide policies with a few clicks. Whether it’s one or several thousand computers. No software installations or updates. It all happens in the background, at no cost and without you, the administrator, having to spend time on it. Chromebooks contribute to a stable and secure IT environment where all computers can be managed in a simple and time-saving way, individually, in groups or all together.

Want to know more about managing Chromebooks in a domain with one or several thousand users?

Don’t miss the Online Partnerwebinar on 26 October 14.00

On 26 October, Online Partner will hold a webinar with experts from Google. We go through everything you need to know about the ChromeOS operating system and Chromebooks, how they are best used and why they are #1 in Sweden’s schools. You will also have the opportunity to learn about Nacka Gymnasium’s experience of changing the IT environment for 2200 students and how they managed to improve the total cost of ownership, TCO, by 75% over a 3-year period!

A warm welcome!