VirusTotal Enterprise

Comprehensive real-time tool against cybersecurity threats

VirusTotal is a web-based security platform that helps organisations identify and analyse suspicious files, URLs, networks, IP addresses and malicious software. VirusTotal checks with more than 70 different antivirus software and web-based security vendors, such as F-Secure, McAfee and Bitdefender. VirusTotal updates malware signatures as soon as they are distributed by antivirus companies, ensuring that the latest signature sets are always used.

Faster analysis and detailed reports

VirusTotal Enterprise is the paid version of the most complete real-time cybersecurity threat tool and includes advanced features that allow you to perform complex criteria-based searches to identify and access samples of malicious files for further analysis.

Aggregated data is compiled from several different anti-virus companies, anti-virus engines, web browsers, file and URL analysis tools and also user contributions. It helps organisations detect and analyse emerging threats so that the right priorities and actions can be taken. The results of searches are quickly compiled into reports with detailed information on why a domain, file, email, attachment or IP address should be considered a security threat. You get access to data about the context of the security threat and whether security vendors have flagged a domain as malicious, for example.

Automated safety functions

VirusTotal Enterprise is a powerful support for security managers who often need to manage large volumes of virus alerts and other security threat signals. It takes a lot of time to make relevant classifications of all alerts, what type of file they really are and where they come from. If it’s just a few alerts a day, it’s easier, but a large organisation may need to manage thousands of alerts every day. It is not uncommon for this to contribute to “warning fatigue” and for many warnings to be ignored. VirusTotal Enterprise creates efficiency and increased security through automated scans, prioritisation and actions.


VirusTotal – Benefits

  • Improve the efficiency of your security team
  • Lower risk and stronger security position
  • Proactive identification of threats for faster action
  • Automated security and analytics

Based on Google’s robust infrastructure

VirusTotal uses Google’s robust infrastructure and search capabilities, along with YARA to identify and classify malware and software. VirusTotal is currently used in high-protection operations by companies, agencies, governments and even individuals in 232 countries.

Google Cloud | VirusTotal | Online Partner

API and web-based interaction provide more effective protection against attacks

Automate alarm functions for prioritisation and action

Use API and SIEM/SOAR integrations to program acknowledgements, prioritise or dismiss alerts based on how malicious a threat is deemed to be. Assessments are made from analysis results of files, domains, IP addresses and URLs from more than 70 security vendors, crowdsourced YARA rules, sandbox dynamics analysis, SIGMA rules, IDS detection of network traffic and a host of other security tools and datasets.

Faster and more action on incidents

Use VirusTotal’s security threat charts to understand and map attacks and analyse their impact on your organisation.

Discover unknown threats and actors

Use anomalous scanning patterns to detect malware and threat actors that would otherwise pass under the radar. Understand the global cyber threat landscape and monitor the development of specific actors targeting your industry. Create data-driven decision support to implement preventive protection measures.

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