Urkund for G Suite

Integrated security against plagiarism in Google Classroom

Urkund is the leading system for detecting and preventing plagiarism in homework assignments, digital exams and knowledge tests in schools and educational institutions. Plagiarism is a common problem that escalates as it becomes easier to find and share information on the Internet.

More time for education

Urkund for G Suite is an add-on/plug-in to the Chrome browser that Online Partner AB has developed for all schools that use Google Classroom. The extension links Google Classroom with Urkund and makes them an integral part.

With a few simple clicks, all homework assignments and other school assignments submitted to Google Classroom can be quickly checked for plagiarism at Urkund. The same goes for tests made in the Online Partner ChromEx digital exam application. Urkund makes a comparative analysis of students’ documents on the Internet, in publishing material and previously submitted student material. A report is then generated and sent to the teacher.

Urkund for G Suite saves a lot of time for the teacher, thus freeing up important time for teaching and the educational activities. At the same time, students gain increased knowledge and understanding of the meaning of plagiarism, the importance of citing correct and critical review of sources.

To use the app, you need an active subscription from Urkund.