Make Online Partner your G Suite licensing agent

Our personal commitment, knowledge and experience are included!

Online Partner is the only company in Sweden that is entirely focused on helping companies, schools and organizations use G Suite. We provide all Google-related licenses for users, administrators and hardware. Choosing Online Partner as your licensing agent also gives you access to our Google experts who are passionate about helping you maximize the benefits of G Suite in your business. Our support is always available for your domain administrators via web, chat or phone. We also assist you in strategic issues and are happy to discuss your G Suite domain’s long-term goals and challenges

There is no additional charge when using Online Partner as your licensing agent. On the contrary, you’ll get more value-added services for the money!

When purchasing your Google licenses from Online Partner there are no additional obligations than those you already have with Google. We offer exactly the same price as Google. No surcharges or hidden fees. We also offer billing options that are tailored to your specific needs, such as post-pay invoicing and breakdowns at various cost centers.

  • Same price as Google
  • The Education Portal – Online Partner’s own education portal,  where all users have access to short and intuitive training videos for G-Mail, Calendar and Google Drive.
  • Knowledge Base – answers to frequently asked questions to help you get more out of G Suite
  • Flexible invoicing – post-pay, pre-pay, broken down by cost centers etc.
  • Access to our proprietary Drive Mechanic app – for better order and find out Drive
  • We offer knowledge, commitment, honesty and a respect for your time that you have probably never encountered before

Education and support

As a licensing customer with Online Partner, you also have the opportunity to purchase training and support for both users and administrators.

What should I do to make Online Partner my licensing agent?

It’s very easy to make Online Partner your licensing agent. This is how it works:

  1. Click the button below
  2. Fill out the form
  3. You get a quote from us

Once the offer is accepted, we will ensure that your licenses are registered with us. If you already have licenses from another supplier, we monitor the contract time and register the license with us when it is time to renew them.

Fill out the form to transfer your account

In order to transfer your account to Online Partner as a licensing agent, you need a transfer token that links your account with the licensing agent.

How to create your TransferToken

  1. Go to: and sign in with your Administrator credentials
  2. At ”Enter the reseller’s public ID” enter: C040ws5ik
  3. An upload token is automatically generated on the page (valid for five days after it was created)
  4. Copy the transfer code and enter it in the form