Full Stack Developer to Online Partner

Job description

Online Partner has enjoyed a successful journey in the last few years with our Ed-tech applications growing both in Sweden and internationally. We are now expanding our team to provide even more value to our customers at a faster pace. 

We are looking for a passionate, creative and skilled Full-stack or Front-end mid-level to senior developer to focus on developing applications for both businesses and educational institutions running Google Workspace. 

In 2020, our digital exam-app grew over 30%, and one of the first projects you will be working on, is to build an ever-greater application for international customers together with our ChromEx team.

You will also participate in smaller development projects for our customers, such as scripting specific solutions tailored to customer needs.

As a developer at Online Partner you will be:

  • Working with a fantastic development team.
  • Developing backends and frontends using python, javascript and vue.js on Google Cloud platform.
  • Granted access to several Online Courses for Google Partners connected to Cloud Dev.
  • Managing your development projects as a lead developer or contributing to existing projects.
  • Be ready to contribute to both short and long term projects at the department.
  • Contributing to the development of our team and our processes.

As a developer at Online Partner we think you are:

  • A person who wants to be part of the journey of a growing scale-up company.
  • A responsive and flexible person who takes responsibility for your projects and delivers on time.
  • A person who takes pride in delivering a great product.
  • Fluent in English.

About Online Partner

Online Partner is a growing IT-company which specializes in Google’s cloud-based solutions. Since 2010, we are a Google Certified Partner and have helped over 500 customers in Sweden to become successful users of Google Workspace’s Productivity Tools. Therefore our experience and knowledge accumulated over the years is unique.

During this time, we have expanded our business to Chrome and Google Cloud Platform for both SMB’s and educational institutions in Sweden and abroad. Online Partner’s employees are continuously trained and certified in partnership with Google to maintain the highest level of expertise and to always deliver the highest quality to our customers.

Online Partner consists of four departments and all employees work closely together on all our projects. Our developers also work closely with customers, creating personal value and relieving unique pain points.

The development team has a supportive culture, where all developers work independently. We work with the whole product life-cycle: design, implementation, testing, releasing and maintenance.

We encourage learning and collaboration with our partners to get the best training possible and invite all developers to obtain professional certificates.

Our larger development projects are mainly focused on Ed-tech where we have a big market share in the Scandinavian market and a growing international user base. 

Some of the current active projects are:

  • ChromEx – Digital exams for Google Schools
  • Skolsynk – Provisioning and SSO between schools and their Ed-tech service providers
  • Bossfight – A gamification platform for Google Classroom
  • Urkund for G Suite – Plagiarism check for Google Workspace

Today the team consists of five full-time members which we are looking to expand.

Daniel Senior developer and the creator of ChromEx, our successful exam application used by thousands of students every day. (Chromex.io)

Niklas Full-stack developer, developing integrations and complicated provisional solutions for several big Ed-tech companies in Sweden. (Skolsynk.se)

James Full-stack developer/wizkid, working on our new Ed-tech project Bossfight with our partner Insert Coin. (Bossfight.win)

Chaithra Full-stack developer, mastering Google’s new workspace addons.

Fredrik Product owner and department manager.