An obvious partner

Online Partner AB are specialists in Google Workspace and the obvious partner for organizations that want to use Google’s cloud-based productivity tools effectively in their business. The company was founded in 2007 with the vision that we would become the leading partner for Google users among small and large organizations. Today, we are both knowledge-leading and market-leading. Our customers are in small and large companies, municipalities and schools throughout the Nordic region. We have more than 1000 customers who have switched to a modern and safe way of working with major improvements in efficiency, cooperation and communication as a result. We are Google Cloud partner, Google Chrome Premier partner, Google Education Premier Partner, Google Cloud Platform partner and also reseller of Chromebox for meetings services.

The value we add – order and order in the cloud

We offer knowledge, commitment, honesty and a respect for your time that you have probably never encountered before. We are passionate about Google Workspace and want to prove to you that you have chosen the right path for the future. With us, you get all the help you need to become a successful Google Workspace user. With a baseline analysis of your existing environment and work situation, together we develop a roadmap based on your goals, needs and ambitions. We do all the technical work and configuration of your Google Workspace domain. In addition, we provide support in change work and carry out training activities with administrators and users. The result is more efficient communication and collaboration – and also order and order in the cloud!

Google Workspace Specialists

Google Workspace is an investment in more effective collaboration methods and higher security. Our strength is that we have the knowledge of what improvements and adjustments can be made in the Google Workspace cloud-based platform. With a clear working model and a set of proprietary components, we can add significantly more functionality and leverage to our customers’ business and operational processes than is possible from Google’s standard licenses. Our customers save considerable amounts of time and energy, and at the same time get fast and cost-effective access to modern, streamlined work tools and functions that are adapted to their specific needs. And yes, Google Workspace is also an investment in lower costs. You will be amazed when we show you how much you can save.

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