Since 2008, Online Partner has been entrusted with helping more than 1,500 companies and organizations with the digital journey and the introduction of cloud-based work tools.

We are incredibly proud of that.

Better cooperation and lower costs

We have not only saved a lot of money. We have also greatly increased the security of our systems and at the same time received completely new work tools that are appreciated by our employees because they are easy to use and contribute to more efficient work. A new meeting culture has developed within the companies, which means that today we have much better cooperation and communication with each other.

Unlimited storage with Workspace Enterprise

As an advertising agency, Kallet works daily with large amounts of data files, everything from data logs to websites, texts, image banks and films. It quickly becomes many gigabytes that should be accessible and easy to find. With Google Workspace Enterprise, Kallet not only got new modern work tools with email, word processing, chat and meeting tools – they also got cloud storage in Google Drive with unlimited disk space.

Our Services


Our experts help with setting up, customizing and moving accounts and data to and from different environments.


Our experts are available for consulting assignments within Google’s cloud-based tools and assist with both strategy and implementation.