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TechTalk is our live webinar for all our customers where we talk about news and best practice in a number of different topics. TechTalk is not recorded and therefore does not exist as links.

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E-id for the school

About the need and challenge of providing the school with e-IDs.

G SUITE 30 Oct 2020

g suite

Google raises the price of G Suite Enterprise for Education

G Suite for Enterprise information.

TECHTALK 18 Feb 2021

Our first Tech Talk Education

We discuss this year’s news from Google which will be published on Learning with Google on 18 February.

TECHTALK 28 Apr 2021

Security in the school’s Google domain!

Admin get ready for Autumn 2021! Tech Talk # 2 focuses on security issues.

CLOUDREADY 17 Nov 2020

Give new life to old PC / Mac computers

Learn all about CloudReady and how to shake old computers to life by converting them to vibrant Chromebooks.

WORKSPACE 28 Oct 2020

google workspace

Google changes name from G Suite to Workspace

Everything you need in one place!

ZENDESK 20 May 2020

Increased productivity with Zendesk

Productivity increases by an average of 30% with Zendesk’s case management system