Google Cloud platform

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Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a comprehensive set of more than 100 modular cloud services that includes all the tools you need to manage infrastructures, provide servers, storage capacity, configure networks, or develop anything from simple websites to the most complex applications.

Google Cloud Platform gives you access to the same robust and innovative platform of virtual servers, advanced development tools, AI & machine learning, data analytics and storage that Google uses for YouTube, Google Search, Gmail and Google Workspace. The list of companies using the Google Cloud Platform is long and represents some of the world’s most popular services with hundreds of millions of users every day.

Google Cloud Platform

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Attractive pricing model

You only pay for the services you use. No upfront fees. No termination fees. The price varies depending on the product and use. You can also set cost ceilings and receive alerts on forecasts and cost trends. It allows you to easily take full control of your budget and optimize your costs with AI-driven recommendations.

Here you can find an overview of all the tools included in the Google Cloud Platform.