Zero-Touch Enrollment ZTE for fast and efficient setup of Google Chrome devices

Google’s Zero-Touch Enrollment (ZTE) now makes it even faster and easier to set up new Chromebooks by automatically assigning them a license when the computer starts up for the first time.

Zero-Touch Enrollment means that we, as a certified Google ZTE Partner, can prepare your new Chrome device so that it automatically connects to your Google domain and is given all the preset settings when it is streamed and connected to the Internet for the first time – completely without manual hand laying and installations. So nothing more (ctrl-alt-e) in other words.

Demand for Zero-Touch Enrollment has increased significantly during COVID-19 with the transition to telework. Online Partners are happy to be certified for ZTE and now offer Zero-Touch Enrollment via our self-developed customer portal.

This is how Zero-Touch Enrollment works

  • 1


    Purchase Chrome devices

  • 2


    The provider registers your serial numbers and ADIDs (Attested Device ID) and then creates a pre-provisioning token for the new devices to be connected with ZTE


  • 3

    ZTE registrering

    Pre-provisioning token and lists with serial number, ADID and model are sent to Online Partner and registered for Zero-Touch Enrollment

  • 4


    The units are delivered to you


  • 5

    Uppstart & automatisk enrollment

    The device launches and connects to the internet for the first time and automatically connects to your domain with all predefined settings for your Google domain